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Expanding to St. Petersburg

Exciting News! Our company is expanding to St. Petersburg! @stpetefl

We would like to introduce everyone to Artie Artie will be our Sales Manager in St. Petersburg and will be in charge of all sales, client onboarding, and customer relationships regarding the St. Petersburg area

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our company or our services, we are a digital marketing agency and our services include:

- Social Media Management - Web Design - Lead Generation - Lead Conversions - Google Reviews (SEO) - Logo Design - Graphic Design

A week after our first conversation with Artie, we acquired our first client coincidentally from St. Petersburg! I think it goes to show that we are expanding to the right area and are super stoked to provide our services to the great businesses and entrepreneurs in St. Petersburg

Grateful to be able to continue to grow as a company and most importantly, grow with great people!

Follow @rcmgstpete to stay up to date regarding our St. Pete location!

More to come very soon

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