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About Us

Over 15 years of combined business, design, and marketing experience. 

Coding | RC Marketing Group

"We specialize in bringing attention to businesses. The number one factor of sales in any business is attention, if you have attention, you can generate sales. We love helping businesses in that regard. Fully committed to our customer service. We make sure every client gets the best results every time."


RC Marketing Group was founded for the sole purpose of bringing attention to businesses/people we partner with. We do this by giving you the best online presence you can achieve. That includes all social media platforms, website design, branding, logo designing, graphics, and product research. These are all outstanding streams of revenue for your business, that should be capitalized on.


Our company understands that running a business involves immense work, which is why most of the things mentioned above get neglected or not given as much attention to. For the reason that it's tedious and time consuming. This is where we come in to handle all those platforms and overall online presence. This will help grow your business tremendously because we are in an era that everything is moving to digital. The easier you make it for your consumer online, the more growth and sales your business will receive. We look forward to working with you and creating a long-lasting partnership!

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